Therapeutic Body Work
For Balanced Living

As a Physical Therapist Assistant & a Licensed Massage Therapist, it has become apparent that manual therapy is key to addressing the bodies stress, congestion & dis-coordination to assist us in our return to living the best quality lives possible. Also the whole body should be addressed as a complete unit.

Manual Therapy Services Include

* Visceral Manipulation

* Active Assisted Release Techniques 

* Release of Lumbar & Cervical Dysfunction

* Addressing Hip, Knee & Shoulder Imbalances

* Trigger Point Release

* Myofascial Release Techniques

* Dynamic Cupping Therapy

* Mobilization of Soft Tissues

Stress, congestion & dis-coordination strains & drains the beautiful design of us, schedule your session and facilitate your return to quality living.

Hour long sessions are $80.


I feel so much freeer to move about in my body after sessions with Tanya. Through the yoga and therapeutic bodywork she has helped me recover function after back surgery.

- Mary R